Mutual Aid Agreement

Mutual Aid Agreement

PLEASE NOTE: This is the Mutual Aid Agreement (MAA) aimed at facilitating rapid emergency response amongst ILWARN member utilities. Signing the MAA is NOT mandatory for basic ILWARN registration. However members are encouraged to sign and submit the agreement as soon as possible.

The MAA has been carefully crafted by legal experts working with utilities to promote "utilities helping utilities" in time of emergency. Your support is appreciated. The ILWARN Steering Committee will review all suggestions for future improvements, including comments forwarded from member utilities’ attorneys, and may revise the MAA as needed, on a yearly basis.

Having a signed MAA already on file prior to an emergency can greatly facilitate planning and prioritizing by agencies responding to your requests for help in time of need.

You can download the MAA or you can complete it online. To complete the form online, you must be authorized by your utility to complete the agreement. Please be sure to completely review the agreement before submitting online. Only registered members of the ILWARN website may complete the online agreement. If you are a registered member, please login, and then click the "My MAA" link. If you are not yet a member, please register with the ILWARN website. After your membership has been approved, you may login and complete the online agreement.

If you use the paper form of the MAA, please attach a copy of your registration form (or the email confirmation notice) when you submit the signed MAA to:

ILWARN Administration
PO Box 500
Sycamore, IL 60178
non emergency phone calls 866-521-3595 ext. 1
emergency numbers to be announced soon.